7 main questions you should ask before start your Detox

7 main questions you should ask before start your Detox

In this article, I will try to redefine what means detox. If you just started your very first detox journey, or if you just looking for a new information and updates, you should definitely take a moment, and read this article.

1.What does it mean to “detox”?

Of course, you can find tons of different articles and detox programs on the Internet. But Internet can be a scary place when you trying to find trustful information source. You probably already found too much information and so many opposite opinions on this topic.

In this article, we considering detox as a process of healthy and natural body detoxications. Its mean, the process which helps your body get rid of a toxic element using only natural ingredients.

2.What the best time for detox?

The first sign that your body asks for detox when you feel yourself a little “off”. Many of us have symptoms of toxicity. Most common one is:

sleep problems or insomnia bad breath skin problem’s concentration problems puffy eyes and dark circles moodiness or anger cravings.

So, if you have at least 3 signs from this list, you should definitely try detox program.

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3. How to pick the right detox program?

It’s always a hard thing to decide. Everything depends on your goals.

Just be sure, that chosen program:

fits yore lifestyle. Look for a program, that easy to integrate into your daily life. don’t make you feel hungry all the time. contains all required micro and macro elements

4. What are the benefits of a detox?

So, here is a good news. Even throw detox effects vary from person to person, here is the list of most common positive effects of detox:

increased energy healthy skin improved thinking better immune system weight loss

Here you can find more information about positive effects of detox.

5. Is it possible to drink alcohol during Detox?

We strongly not recommend to drink alcohol or caffeine during your detox. Mainly, because during cleaning, your liver hard to process alcohol as well as caffeine.

6. How long should I detox for?

It all depends how you feel yourself during the detox program. Most of the programs are made for 7 days. Usually, people find 7 days long enough to fully detox a body. But if you feel comfortable, there’s nothing to say you can’t continue detoxing for twenty days.

7. Should I see my doctor before starting the program?

Yes, definitely. You should always seek advice from your doctor before changing your diet. Especially, if you already have any medical complains, health issues, pregnant or breath feeding.

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